Meet "Rocco"
By Kathleen Springer
      The first Astoria Map Member to be
interviewed is
Rocco Sacramone who in association with the Bruculleri's own the Pizza Palace on 31st Street, & Ditmars in Astoria. Rocco has successfully expanded the Pizza Palace to include Trattoria Lincontro (The Meeting Place), at 21-76 31 St, off Ditmars Blvd,  a cozy neighborhood spot with a touch of elegance. 
     Rocco came to Astoria from Abruzzo, located on the Adriatic coast of Italy, when he was 10 years old.
       After World War ll, Rocco's mother was very creative in preparing delicious meals for the family while they struggled to get back on their feet. Many of the recipes, derived from Abruzzo's basic traditional cooking, are still a family secret which will, hopefully, soon be published in a book written by Rocco and his mother. We sampled the
specialty of Abruzzo; eggplant, stuffed with spinach & cheese, topped with delicious sauce, and the grilled trout, which was sprinkled with olive oil laced with sage, rosemary and pepper-
bottled by Rocco's uncle back in Italy.
        Rocco runs the business a family type business that has become very popular mainly by word of mouth. Most of the patrons are local Italians and neighborhood people. As Mr. Zeff Salerni, a customer who recently sold his house on Astoria Park South with
Kathleen Springer, Broker at Your Neihborhood Realty's help, says, "Everyone knows Rocco's mother makes great sauce, and the price is right - that's why we all go there." The menu started as  "a mother and son combo" of traditional homemade Italian cuisine and is prepared fresh to other.
         Rocco also attended culinary classes  taught by some of Italy's leading chefs. As Rocco describes his menu, "an old cuisine with a mondern twist.".
       When asked what his favorite thing about Astoria was, he replied, "The different Ethnic Groups." +++++
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